3D Defence is an affiliate of Blauer Tactical Systems inc, and provider of Tony Blauer's S.P.E.A.R. System martial. 

Tony Blauer's life mission is 'to make the world safer', and for almost 40 years he has taught his System to children, police, grandparents, Special Forces soldiers, and professional combative athletes.

It is a privilege to be affiliated with this pioneer, and play a part in his goal.

My goal is "to educate, not intimidate" good humans to the point that they can trust their inbuilt Human Weapon System.

The SpeAR System is not a martial art nor does it replace other martial art systems, it is "the study of human movement as it relates to violence, fear and aggression".

how has studying s.p.e.a.r. helped me?

The most significant benefit to studying the S.P.E.A.R. System hasn't just been physical, but is through an increased level of Self Awareness.  I know for certain, on an emotional and psychological level, that when faced with any situation that my inner coach needs to be positive, assertive, and aggressive.  If it is not, then I am on some level suffering from F.E.A.R.

False Evidence Appearing Real ---- False Expectations Appearing Real ---- Failure Expected Action Required


“The SPEAR System is based on an 80,000-year-old genetic survival response that helped keep our ancestors alive. The reptilian brain wants you to survive. Its initial response is to protect the head and move you away from danger. We have sharpened this movement. Be the tip of the spear, because in your fight, you’re on point.”

— Coach Tony Blauer

Blauer Tactical Systems® research on the startle/flinch phenomena and its link to the survival system’s withdrawal reflex has spawned one of the most important evolutions in close quarter training: the SPEAR System™, which utilizes the speed and reliability of the startle/flinch mechanism to convert the sudden attack into a tactical counter.

"Your ability to protect yourself or a loved one isinarguably the single most important skill you can possess."

— Coach Tony Blauer

why study the s.p.e.a.r. system?

Tony Blauer's S.P.E.A.R. System is an approach to self defense that will reawaken your situational and self-awareness and teach you a patented approach to identifying and managing fear; the program includes an effective verbal de-escalation system and the most raw and direct approach to personal defense using natural bio-mechanics

You will learnto reconnect to the human weapon system

You will learn drills that allow you experience 'what the body does prior to any training' and how to convert that response into tactical options

You will learn to Detect to avoid, De-fuse to deescalate, and Defend yourself without hesitation 

You will learn that 80% of confrontations could have been avoided

You will learn to Face, Understand, Control, and Know Fear #fuckfear

You will learn how to turn your inner coach into an aggressive, assertive, and positive influence 

You will improve your Self Awareness and confidence 

The SPEAR System does not discriminate against gender, age, or experience.  Which means, if you are a human, and not an alien or unicorn, then ALL the rules of physiology and psychology apply and therefore you can learn the S.P.E.A.R.  System.

Train with 3D Defence because our goal is 'to educate, not intimidate'.

The S.P.E.A.R. System is a simple and practical system that is congruent with your emotional and psychological state during a confrontation.

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