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Craig Simpson


Located in Auckland, New Zealand

What's in a course

the experience

Each course is different, but always SPEAR.  

The length of each course is dependent on the age range, size, and intention of the session for eachaudience or group.

My goal is to give my students experiences that empower them and expose them to the realities of a Violent Encounter, and make them safer after each session.

Who is the coach?

My name is Craig Simpson, and I have always had an interest in ‘self-defence’ and have completed a number of Close Quarter courses, as well as practiced Krav Maga.  All were good courses and I learnt a lot, but it wasn’t until I attended the CrossFit Defence instructor’s course in 2014, with Tony Blauer, that I was introduced to the science and psychology of self-defence.  That course changed my appreciation of violence, FEAR, and the ‘what’ and ‘why’ humans behave/move in the manners that we do.  In 2015 I trained with Tony Blauer and his team to become affiliated with his company Blauer Tactical Systems (inc).  Since then I have continued my own training and delivered one off seminars ranging from one to four hours long.  The age of my students have ranged from five to 75.  At the heart of the S.P.E.A.R. System are concepts on Fear Management and Performance Enhancement.  These concepts have made a hugely positive impact on my life.  I think clearer, understand Fear better, and have a more assertive and inquisitive mind-set. 

You don't need to be a police officer, military commando, black belt, or train for decades in order to protect yourself. 

You need the right mind set.

“There are more people who have successfully defended themselves through sheer will and indignation, with absolutely no training what-so-ever, then there are trained people who have been attacked and successfully defended themselves” – Tony Blauer

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images from various courses

the experience continued

For privacy and safety reasons I don't post images from all my courses.  There are a bunch of images though on my FaceBook page:   3dDefenceNZ

More images coming.  :-)